Mmmm…fajitas! I wish I could do a Homer Simpson voice.

One of the best foods ever invented.


Oh happy day, we had leftover grilled chicken breast.  I’m so glad the little voices were prompting me to go buy some green peppers and a big ol’ onion.


I kept wandering off into the backyard while the veggies were cooking.  But they ended up perfect.  I swear they were almost creamy, a word that sounds cringe-worthy when attached to vegetables.  Honestly, it was good in this case.


DSCN5566 - Version 2

I flung some fresh cilantro on top of those little tortilla boats.  Salsa and sour cream.  Cheese.  I powered down two of them.  I think the Mr. ate a couple, not sure, I was mighty focused.

The best part – Wednesday lunch is waiting.

The roast beast rocks Valentine’s Day!


There’s something so comforting about a big chunk of beef.  I had decided that this 5-1/2 pound beauty was too small for Christmas, but I’m sure glad I found it in the freezer in time for Valentine’s Day.  Covered that bad boy in a dry rub made from cayenne, paprika, garlic, fresh ground pepper, and amazing, chunky Hawaiian sea salt.  My daughter just loves the word chunky.

DSCN5478 DSCN5477


And how much fun is it to rub this stuff all over the meat?  Lots.  Then it’s onto the grill to sear all sides.  After baking on indirect heat on the grill…


I am seriously salivating just looking at this picture.  And I’m still full from dinner!  Oh yeah, grilled some asparagus too!


I don’t even care that my pee is going to smell funny tomorrow.  Just for good measure, I topped it off with another piece of Perfect Cheesecake.


I’m pretty sure the family is enjoying the fact that my Destiny is still in the shop.  Meanies.


Cheesecake is in the house! Oh darn, you don’t know where I live.


It’s so exciting when it is finally time to unfurl a cheesecake.


I think I am going to photograph every cheesecake I make for the rest of my life.  It just feels like the heavens have opened up and all the angels are singing when I release that springform pan.

I swear this is the best cheesecake recipe in the world.  Go here to get it:

I know I talked about this at the first of the year.  But I made another one yesterday, and I am still enamored.  Takes a while to make, but damn!  It is seriously delicious!  I didn’t change a thing, but left off the cream cheese topping.  And I did make up my own fruity topping.


I couldn’t stand it last night, had to cut into it.  It could have used more time in the fridge, but that’s certainly not a deal-breaker.  Mmm mmm good.

Today my plan is to eat more cheesecake.  And pine over my Destiny.  And maybe organize my sewing room.

We should all start our day with a good laugh.

Grilled pork chops get a second chance on the table! Piggy fried noodles!

I bought a ginormous package of thick cut port chops the other day.  Gotta love those Costco portions.  The Mr. put them in the freezer for me.  Still in the Costco package.  All three-plus pounds of them.

So…what can I do with nine huge pork chops?  All at once?  Cue up the grill.  I seasoned three of them, ate those bad boys with some fava beans and a nice chianti.  Ftftftftft…

Okay, not really.  But they were nummy.  The rest of the chops were cooked without the seasoning, and I got them off the grill while they were still pink in the middle.  So it’s time for round two.  Ding ding!

Using the admittedly scarce resources at our local market, I scrounged up the fixins for stir-fry.  Mushrooms, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, and one of those pork chops.  Oh yeah, and noodles. For the sauce, I used a combo of soy sauce and Szechuan stir-fry sauce.


And here is the  finished wok-o-licious dinner.


I’m full.  And tomorrow I’ll be back in the sewing room.  I hope somebody makes me dinner.