The roast beast rocks Valentine’s Day!


There’s something so comforting about a big chunk of beef.  I had decided that this 5-1/2 pound beauty was too small for Christmas, but I’m sure glad I found it in the freezer in time for Valentine’s Day.  Covered that bad boy in a dry rub made from cayenne, paprika, garlic, fresh ground pepper, and amazing, chunky Hawaiian sea salt.  My daughter just loves the word chunky.

DSCN5478 DSCN5477


And how much fun is it to rub this stuff all over the meat?  Lots.  Then it’s onto the grill to sear all sides.  After baking on indirect heat on the grill…


I am seriously salivating just looking at this picture.  And I’m still full from dinner!  Oh yeah, grilled some asparagus too!


I don’t even care that my pee is going to smell funny tomorrow.  Just for good measure, I topped it off with another piece of Perfect Cheesecake.


I’m pretty sure the family is enjoying the fact that my Destiny is still in the shop.  Meanies.


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