Northern Lights backpack


Almost makes me wish I carried a backpack.


My little Minnesotan has a thing for the Northern Lights.  When I got this fabric she actually ASKED me to make her a backpack.


The fabric is by Quilted Treasures and the pattern is the Dawn to Dusk backpack by Chris W. Designs.  This pattern is the most “authentic” looking backpack I could find, with padded and shaped straps and great pockets.



This is a streamlined version, with a front zipper pocket instead of  a pocket with flap.  I added a side water bottle pocket made from mesh, with an adjustable elastic pull.  The cord stop is a kitty, but it did not cooperate with my photography.


For the lining I chose Mario.  Because it’s Mario.  And his gold coins.


The interior pocket is elasticized to hold some electronic device like a laptop or iPad.  Or a small cat.  The cat print is a fat catloaf.  Just like my fat cat model Tippy.  He’s actually not fat, he’s big boned.


This backpack screams my girly’s name.  Northern Lights, video games from the 90s, fat black cat.  She’ll be stylin.’






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