An ode to Shark Week


Every year I remember why I’m scared of the ocean.


Jaws.  I grew up in the midwest and I saw the movie before I ever saw the ocean.  Poor planning.


Another Companion Carpet Bag, pattern by Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H.


I put my 9 college credits in Philosophy to good use -the red handles represent the bloodshed caused by that cranky shark.


I put tabs on this bag to pull open the top.  The tabs are shark snouts!  I crack myself up.


I really agonized over the lining.  For about a minute.  Last week I just happened to buy some sushi fabric.


I find such joy in starting a project with absolutely no plan.  I just picked up my Jaws, decided it needed to be a purse, and started cutting.  I almost got stumped when it came to the handles.  Thank heavens for higher education.





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