Mmmm…fajitas! I wish I could do a Homer Simpson voice.

One of the best foods ever invented.


Oh happy day, we had leftover grilled chicken breast.  I’m so glad the little voices were prompting me to go buy some green peppers and a big ol’ onion.


I kept wandering off into the backyard while the veggies were cooking.  But they ended up perfect.  I swear they were almost creamy, a word that sounds cringe-worthy when attached to vegetables.  Honestly, it was good in this case.


DSCN5566 - Version 2

I flung some fresh cilantro on top of those little tortilla boats.  Salsa and sour cream.  Cheese.  I powered down two of them.  I think the Mr. ate a couple, not sure, I was mighty focused.

The best part – Wednesday lunch is waiting.