New and Improved! With cheesecake!


I feel like starting out with guilty pleasures.  Edible treasures.  Yumminess in boundless measures.  I’m going to brag about the cheesecake I made for New Year’s eve.

Seriously delicious cheesecake

This gem turned out so pretty I could almost cry.  And it is possibly even tastier than it looks.  It was well worth the 23 hours of preparation.  Just kidding.  It didn’t take nearly that long.  I searched all over the interwebs for the perfect recipe, and here it is:

I love that it is even named “Perfect Cheesecake Recipe.”  Didn’t change a thing.  Except for the raspberry topping, a complicated concoction of frozen raspberries and sugar.  I am still enjoying it three days later.

For the nine of you that follow my blog, I hope you noticed my new title and address.  Changed it so it would match my Facebook page and my labels.  Thought about deleting all the previous posts and starting over.  Couldn’t really figure out how to do that, so I’ll just pretend they’re gone.

OK bye, I gotta go make some cool stuff.

7 thoughts on “New and Improved! With cheesecake!

    1. Thank you! It’s encouraging to hear that someone’s reading it. Besides my family, and I can’t always count on those scoundrels.


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