Attitude adjustments, brought to you by Christmas!

Woo hoo, somebody’s been out of sorts lately.  And that would be me.

Figured I gots to get my mojo back.  And what better excuse for mojo rejuvenation than Christmas!  Shiny lights!  Bright, clashing colors!  Elves!  A snowstorm of glitter!  These are a few of my favorite things.

Nothing like an overabundance of ornaments to make me feel jolly again.  This is the first time in three years we’ve had our decorations.  As I unwrapped them and put them on the tree, my demeanor instantly changed for the better.  Remember the Jetsons cartoon?  I have a talking Rosie the robot maid.  How the heck could I not be happy now?


I’ve been doing a major overhaul on my sewing room.  (Hmmm…cleaning could have something to do with general grumpiness…)  But that’s a good thing!  I have new equipment.  Major new equipment.  Equipment that does really good tricks.


My new sewing machine made this stocking.  And I helped!  I got some fun holiday fabrics at my local crack house (okay, it’s a sewing machine dealer/fabric store.  But I spend all my money there.  It’s an addiction.)  Used the colors from the fabrics to make the stocking.  This puts the fun in funky!  Awesome and weird Christmas color palette.
DSCN4885 DSCN4888 DSCN4887DSCN4886

I like the background for these photos.  It’s a bunch of santa hats, a santa tiara, elf ears and a talking elf.  The elf actually hums, he doesn’t talk.  Hums along to 3 Christmas songs.  And it still makes me laugh every time.

DSCN4835 DSCN4834

This is my ninjabread man.  He’s got a throwing star with frosting.  And a bandolier of ornaments.  He and I look badass in this shirt.  If you’re gonna wear an embroidered shirt, it should have something sassy on it.  That’s my theory.

Stay crafty, my friends.

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