Long distance sewing and a Ghastlie bag

One of my outlaws, who shall remain nameless, crossed over to the dark side recently.  I’m tickled to say that I inspired her to make her very first quilt!

I’m so proud of myself.  Oh yeah, I’m proud of her too.  The tricky part of this project was teaching her how to do the binding on the quilt.  While separated by AN ENTIRE OCEAN!

I hereby declare that I have invented a new job for myself…long-distance sewing tutor!  Maybe I should offer one-on-one lessons via FaceTime.  Do you think that would be a legitimate market niche?  I was surprised at how much fun it was and how well it went.  I’m sure it helps that she’s a quick study, but come on!  It’s all about me!  I’m going in the other room to admire myself in the mirror now.


Okay, I’m back.

You know I’ve been on this purse-making kick.  I’m having lots of fun with it, not sure why.  One supposition is that it allows me to buy little chunks of a whole lot of fabrics.  I can buy a half yard, and don’t feel like I’ve made a lifelong commitment.  I ran across some of the funniest fabrics, the characters are called the Ghastlies.  Crackin’ me up.  So I made a purse.  And it turned out cute.  (The pattern is by Charlie’s Aunt,  High Tea Clutch Bag.)


Any time you can pull out some ric-rac, it makes it a special day.  Don’t you just think happy childhood memories when you think of ric-rac?  Oh, that’s only me?  Well I have a collection of ric-rac.  It is nestled amongst my collections of seam binding and bias tape.  I’ve lost you now, haven’t I?  So here are more pictures.

DSCN4160 DSCN4158

If you try to get your money out, this one glares at you.




Remind you of Gomez Addams?
Remind you of Gomez Addams?
I’m pretty sure this guy works with Bob Cratchit.


Happy Halloween.

Stay crafty, my friends.

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