Pardon the interruption, this blue bag budged in line and is screaming for attention.

Give that fabric a break for one day, and look what happens!


After leaping from one backpack right into a second backpack, I decided to take a short break.  From backpacks.  I’ll finish that coral beauty soon.

I joined the Bag of the Month Club over at Sew Sweetness.  You can still get in on this cool deal, six new purse patterns, one each month, January through June.  The February pattern is by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.  This is called the Hyacinth Bag.


This is the front of the bag with the flap already finished and attached.  Sara added some cool details – a coin pocket and three credit card slots.


DSCN5407 DSCN5406

Hope my topstitching can hold up in the close-ups!  And it is not an optical illusion – there are two saints hovering over that zipper.  Have I mentioned that I love putting in zippers?  And how pretty is this fabric?  It’s Lady of Guadalupe by Kanvas.


Shaka Hula Fork Dude is holding the back of the purse with a – wait for it – zipper!  That’s where I’ll keep my ginormous new phone.  And Shaka Hula Fork Dude has something he wants to say…


Hi Linda!

OMG, you haven’t even seen the lining yet!  You’ll just have to suffer until tomorrow.

Now go make something pretty!