Tip of the hat to the Rio Olympics


DSCN1838This gorgeous new fabric by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton and Steel caught my eye right away.  This is lawn ( a superfine cotton weave) in a soft periwinkle color with gold, called City Toile Lawn.

I really can’t take a selfie to save my soul.  Hello, boobies!

The most memorable landmark from Rio, the Christ the Redeemer statue, is on here, along with other landmarks like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, and Big Ben.


No I did not get a tattoo.  I somehow managed to get the most spectacular bruise, a perfectly shaped circle on my upper arm.  No idea where it came from, and you can see it is going into it’s yellow-green phase.


The designated photographer did a better job on this photo shoot, so his job is safe FOR NOW.  Next time maybe we will even attempt some back views.  My modeling skills are still, and always will be, stuck in my Big Fig phase.


The pattern is a Butterick Retro ’47, B5209.  It has a halter style option also, but I like my shoulders covered.  Life is easier when you don’t need a special bra for your dress.  I had to do a FBA so the top fit correctly.

I ordered the fabric from Hawthorne Threads, one of my favorite online vendors.  This lawn is a dream to sew and is the perfect choice for a good looking dress in this hot climate!

Hey, all you former Girl Scouts! Here’s a grown-up sit-upon for your grown-up bum!


Does anyone else remember making a sit-upon in Girl Scouts?  I can’t really remember what fabric I used.  I’m sure it was groovy.  The one thing about which I am sure, you could feel the floor through those sit-upons.


My butt does not touch the ground on this cushion.  It’s got four and 1/2 bags of fiber fill in it!  I don’t think Andre the Giant could get his butt to touch the ground on this one.


I bought the pattern through Hawthorne Threads, one of my favorite online retailers.  It is called the Hexagon Situpon by Bonnie Christine.  The fabric is vintage Indonesian ikat, and I’ve been carrying it around in my collection for >20 years.


The construction of this cushion is pretty straight forward – the six sides are squares, the top and bottom are each six triangles. One brilliant detail is that the “show” fabric is quilted to canvas.  This means you can use anything – including quilting cotton- for this pattern.  That gives us the whole world of possibilities.


And here is the Hexagon Situpon in action.  None of the other humans were home at the time.  The cat wagged his fat-ass tail and gave me that “not on your life” look.  So Ricky Ricardo Montalban Rich Corinthian Leather patiently posed for two photos.


This shot is just gratuitous look-at-how-nice-our-weather-is photography.


And this one is just here to see if you get dizzy.