Zero degrees of separation between me and the Oscars last night.

There are a few rules, they said.  Don’t touch Adam, they said.

maroon 5

Um, hell to the no, I said.  So I touched him.  I touched him good.  I grabbed his hot self, and snuggled up close.  And said, “yeah, my child Miss O, you stand there while I pose gracefully while holding onto Adam Levine.”

So we have this picture.  And that is my connection with last night’s Oscars.

If that is not enough of an Oscar celebration…I’ve actually met one of the stars from the In Memoriam section.  My BFF from high school and I met Geoffrey Holder.  He’s dead now.  But Laurie and I met him at a meet and greet speechy thing.  Somehow we talked his tall self into my Volkswagen Beetle, and went to the A&W so we could get him to order over the little car speaker thing.  I think he was even wearing a white suit.  Please tell me you know what we had him order.  The UNcola.  He sounded really good.