My backpack has a secret.


I’ve added a dandy water bottle holder onto my backpack!  You know, one of those easy-access pockets where you put the stuff that you want to gift to the TSA agents.


I drafted the pattern for this pocket, twice actually.  The first pocket I made was alarmingly short.  I’m sure my vodka would have fallen out at an inconvenient time.

The other side has a snap pocket.


The patten called for a magnetic snap.  I put on a real snap, a heavy-duty one, so it couldn’t just pop open and spill my worldly goods.  My small worldly goods.  You want to see the secret my backpack is concealing?


It’s backless.  So maybe it’s not a backpack.  It’s just a pack.  TOMORROW it will be a backpack.

Look at that last picture again.  See my little kitty face?  Handmade by not me.  Clever Miss O.

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all

I was obsessed with giant chrysanthemums.


I got this Philip Jacobs fabric a few weeks ago.  It’s my favorite fabric in my studio right now.  It’s been sitting on my sewing table, behind my Destiny, lurking.  Looking for a project.  Murmuring during the day, singing softly at night.

I cut it on Sunday, with a fresh rotary blade no less.  So Monday I felt like I could not slumber unless something began to take shape.  And it did.



Any guesses what I have going on here?  I feel like being ornery and taunting you today.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow.  All will be revealed.

And for you unruly stitchers over at the New Hexagon – Millefiore Quilt Along, yes.  I know.  This would make amazing pieces in one of the rosettes.  I fully expect Katja Marek and her charismatic crew to try and convince me to cut up all the leftover fabric into tiny little pieces.

Stay crafty, my friends.

See if you can guess which of the Seven Dwarfs I am thinking about.

Nothing screams out “what a classy joint!” like a covered tissue box.


I think this is hilarious.  Valentine themed kleenex cover.  You know this is right up my alley.  I swear I am going to make a different theme for every season and holiday.

This random, and admittedly odd, obsession started in December when I went to an Anita Goodesign embroidery workshop.  One of the projects on the disk we got was a snowman.  A snowman tissue cover.  I knew it must be mine.

Then I longed for options.  I can’t possibly keep my tissues covered with a snowman year ’round!  As if the cosmos were answering, Anita Goodesign came out with a disk of seasonal kleenex covers.  Not kidding.  Err mer gawsh.  I hope you’re wearing your patient pants, because you don’t get to see the next one until after Valentine’s Day.


While this little gem was merrily stitching away on my Destiny, I was multi-tasking.  I started cutting out and glue-basting the last round for my first rosette in the New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along.  Katja, you little minx, are you excited to see what came out of my collection?

So remember, my crafty friends, if you are looking for a well dressed kleenex…I am your go-to gal.

I didn’t do it!

That girl of mine did it.  And it’s awesome.


She’s working at a shop called Bad Hats.  Great name, huh?  They do hats and shirts and stickers.  She designed this bad boy just for me.  My sewing machine is even more badass now!

Stay crafty, my friends!

Should you wear an embroidered shirt if you’re under 80?

I knew there had to be a way.


Not your grandmother’s shirt, is it?  I found this awesome design on  Urban Threads has the coolest embroidery designs I’ve found on the web.  I am obsessed, and I’m even going to shove my wares onto my daughter and my niece.  Heh heh heh, they’re not expecting this, so don’t tell them.


Obviously I need some practice on my selfie-taking.  And I should probably clean that mirror.  But my mom will be proud, because at least I put on lipstick before I took the picture.

BIG shout out to my new machine, a Babylock Destiny.  I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.  Some day I might get bored watching it do it’s magic.  But I’m guessing that will be in the distant future.

Stay crafty, my friends.

Say my name. And a sneaky preview.

Boats get names.  Fighter planes get names.  Children, pets, body parts get names.  In some places, houses get names.

It’s a lot of responsibility naming things.  And I love it.  My dad got a fishing boat years ago, and I wanted to name it Chicken of the Sea.  When we moved to Hawaii, I was tickled because they name their houses here.  In Hawaiian.  I consider that a challenge.

We were inspired by our 20 pound baby panther.  And an ornery feral cat that adopted us (we named her Monique, after a flamboyantly sassy former friend of Miss O.)  With the help of an adorable twelve-year-old girl, a student at a Hawaiian speaking school, we came up with a name for our house:  ka hale o na popoki makani.  The house of the windy cats.  This is why I like naming things.

Now we get to bring this into the crafty world.  Fire up the Destiny, time to personalize some golf shirts for the Mr.


DSCN5086 DSCN5085

Do you think any of the fancy golfing guys will know that he his wearing a shirt with a shout out to farting cats?

While we’re on the topic of names, one of my friends unintentionally came up with a good one.  He commented on Facebook about a picture of my travel bag, “looks like repressed fantasies.”  OMG, may I present the Repressed Fantasies Travel Bag.


I know you’ve already seen it, I just wanted to put it out there with it’s new name.

I’ve started a new project, inspired by the great reactions I got to the Repressed Fantasies Travel Bag.  Here’s a little sneaky peeky.


Charley Harper and cardinals.

Stay crafty, my friends.