Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all

I was obsessed with giant chrysanthemums.


I got this Philip Jacobs fabric a few weeks ago.  It’s my favorite fabric in my studio right now.  It’s been sitting on my sewing table, behind my Destiny, lurking.  Looking for a project.  Murmuring during the day, singing softly at night.

I cut it on Sunday, with a fresh rotary blade no less.  So Monday I felt like I could not slumber unless something began to take shape.  And it did.



Any guesses what I have going on here?  I feel like being ornery and taunting you today.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow.  All will be revealed.

And for you unruly stitchers over at the New Hexagon – Millefiore Quilt Along, yes.  I know.  This would make amazing pieces in one of the rosettes.  I fully expect Katja Marek and her charismatic crew to try and convince me to cut up all the leftover fabric into tiny little pieces.

Stay crafty, my friends.

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