My new travel bag. Do you think the Mayans drank tequila?


I love the way this bag turned out!  Probably because the fabric is just so amazing.  Made by Alexander Henry, it is called Contigo.  Apparently that means “with you” in Spanish.  I also looked up “me equivoque,” which means “I was wrong.”  So now I suppose I’ve got a carry-on offering apologies from the ancient Mayans.  I guess they felt the need to apologize to that woman who fainted from the excitement of becoming a human sacrifice.  Or something like that.  See the tequila bottle to the left of then agave plant?



What a great pattern!  I used the Aragon Bag pattern by Sew Sweetness.  You can buy it here:  I made a few modifications so it will work for me.  I left off the front pocket, since I didn’t want my handsome Mayan bisected with a flap.  Although I had no problem bisecting Our Lady with a zipper.


I also made it two inches deeper, so hopefully I can cram enough in it for my weekend in Waikiki.  I put a sturdy layer in the bottom and attached six feet so it doesn’t get airport cooties on it in transit.

DSCN5079 DSCN5080Check out the skeleton dude taking a shot!

Rustled up some charming little fellows for the interior.  I don’t think you can ever have too many zip pockets.


Looking forward to field testing this next Friday.  Hopefully it will scare away some little kids in the airport.  Hmmm…I wonder what other cool things I could make with Contigo fabric?

Stay crafty, my friends.

If I had that headdress I’d be a Rockette.

I just got an idea yesterday that I needed a cute travel bag.  So I overthought it for awhile  And decided to make the Aragon Bag, a pattern by Sew Sweetness.


Well this fabric is just pretty darn awesome.  At first I called her Mary, then I figured out she is Our Lady of Guadalupe.  But I am just tickled that she now has a green zipper passing through her breasticular area.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this bag.  Though I don’t think it’s big enough for a weekend getaway.  And in an astonishing turn of events, the darling Miss O declared her undying love for the project in it’s infancy.  I think she thinks it should be hers.  There might be a tussle.


Okay.  This dude just plain makes my day.  The guy on the right, the one with the hella good hair/feather headdress.  And how ’bout that skeletal dude with the shot, the one who looks like he’s wearing a zipper pull as a monocle?  But really, you should check out the zippers.  There is something intrinsically satisfying about having awesome, colorful zippers sitting around just waiting to be inserted.  In fabric.  Through Mayans.

I think this might be a whole bag tomorrow.  And I know just the person to model it for the photo shoot.

Stay crafty, my friends.