25 Hawaiian quilt blocks = a quilt top!


Do you think I’m just a little bit excited today?  I have the top of my Hawaiian quilt stitched together!


There were many Kodak moments while I wrestled this through the sewing machine.  I stitched the blocks for each row together, then stitched the rows together.


I laid it out on the lawn so I could get a nice pic.  The sunlight washes out the color a little, but this thing is VIBRANT!

DSCN0800 DSCN0802

Next I have to figure out what I want to do for the drop, the hangy-downy part.  And I have to decide if I want to put some kind of border around it.


I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, keeping with the multicolor theme, enjoy this rainbow in my backyard.


Bonus photo, my puppy Dorito trying to learn how to go down stairs.

DSCN0779 (1)

I made her a half step out of important books.  Doesn’t the cat look skeptical?

12 thoughts on “25 Hawaiian quilt blocks = a quilt top!

  1. My word! How amazing is your quilt. That’s a ton of hooping since each block needs 4 hoopings. Was just visiting Big Island a few weeks ago. I saw this Anita Goodesign CD in a shop. I didn’t buy it then but I kept thinking about it. I just bought the cd on ebay. What size hoop design did you use for each section? My biggest hoop is 7 x 12.

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    1. I used an 8 x 12 hoop. Each quarter measures around 8″ square. Fortunately, Anita always includes multiple sizes, so I know you’ll be able to make one in your hoop!


  2. Your quilt is simply amazing!!! You are such a remarkable artist! I have always loved the Hawaiian quilts I saw when I was there years ago. Thanks for sharing your workmanship with us. Hugs, Kathy

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    1. Thanks! Giving myself a few days, then right back at it. I am determined that this shall be on my bed THIS year!


  3. Ok, the word beautiful doesn’t come close to describe this, so I’ll just say, the drop and border has to do this justice. You out did yourself. Hawaiian rainbow….paradise. Dorito and skeptical cat….priceless. :-)!

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