Hawaiian quilt blocks are taking over the house!


That’s a good thing, right?  I’m working on one more block, then I will have enough beautiful blocks for the quilt top!


Last time I spread the blocks across my bed, I looked to see what colors were missing or needed more presence.


Guess you can tell that I was feeling blue.


I also only had one fuchsia block, the flowers, not the color.


I also had to throw in some in which I just liked the fabric, because, well, that’s how we quilters roll.


And one more pineapple.  These aren’t ripe yet.


Anybody else out there looking forward to an actual quilt coming out of these blocks?  Besides you, Mr., I know you are impatient.

12 thoughts on “Hawaiian quilt blocks are taking over the house!

  1. So lovely these close up shops. Your pictures made me make the decision to also buy these designs. Still trying to figure out whether to do just pillow throws or a full quilt or just a table runner.

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  2. Now that I have picked my mouth off the floor, I can use my hands to type….frame them and put on the wall!..I would die if any human hands or body parts touched them! Beautiful!

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  3. These are fabulous. Machine Appliqué is awesome and satin stitch is perfect. Looking forward to seeing how you set them in a quilt. Delicious colors.

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