The biggest distractions come in the smallest packages

DSCN0600 - Version 2

I would like you to meet my new love, Dorito.  Dorito is a tiny little chihuahua, one pound three ounces, she is 8 weeks old today.  If you’re not saying “awwwww” right now, we can no longer be friends.

DSCN0577 - Version 2

Quite a feat trying to get pictures of her, she is a wiggly little girl.  Her full name is Spicy Dorito Cool Ranch Carr.


Her giant ears seem to make it hard to keep her back paws on the ground.


And how cute are those tiny little paws, no bigger than a dime.  She’s got a fat, pink belly, smooth and kissable.


She has little puppy sucky dreams.


She was cold one night.  If you only weigh one pound, apparently you can get cold even in Kauai.  I made her a sweater out of the top of a sock.  Just cut it off and made two tiny slits for arm holes.  I think she can pull off the look.


Look who’s already displaying some sassy attitude!  That tiny tongue!

The family is in love with her little self.  Except for the cat, of course, who can’t be bothered with this little speck.  She is sweet, playful, and awkward, all the things a puppy should be.  She’s a keeper.


Her first trip to the salon was quite the success.  And she might have a career as the Aveda spokesdog.

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