Somewhere out there is a nekkid geisha. I have her kimono right here.

A new quilt top has sprung forth from my studio!


The gorgeous center panel of this, with the red peonies and dangly flower things, really grabbed me when I laid my eyes on it.  It’s got gold in it, too.  Flowers and bling…yes please.


But I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with a panel.  Ugh.  Then my wily little friend at Vicky’s Fabrics showed me a book, Japanese Quilt Inspirations by Susan Briscoe.  There it was, the Hanui, a patchwork kimono quilt.

The materials list, yardage requirements, and cutting directions are poorly arranged and incomplete.  The quilt itself is straightforward and stunning.


It was fun picking out bits and bobs of fabric for the patchwork sleeves.  I added some pieces from my fabric collection, also.  I can’t imagine making this quilt without throwing in some koi!

DSCN5602 DSCN5603

We’re having a lovely, breezy day here on Kauai.  I was trying to figure out how to photograph my quilt.  Lightbulb moment, I went into the tool shed and got a couple of heavy duty clamps.  Then I used them to hang my quilt on the fence.  It was ALMOST perfect, except the bottom of the quilt kept blowing up.


I think I found the perfect item to hold it in place.


I dare you to try and touch my quilt.

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