Ring around the rosette

Hot diggity dog, I made some progress!


This is part of the Millefiore Quilt-Along using the book The New Hexagon.  Bless her heart, Katja Marek is starting a revolution with this project.  Based on absolutely no science, I’ll bet that more people have started English paper piecing (EPP) since this project hit the web.  And I’ll also bet her book is flying out of stores and warehouses all over!  Go get your Google on or look on Facebook and see what’s happening!

I fussy cut the bee fabric for the diamonds, but the batik and the blue were so easy since they didn’t require fussy cutting.  Which is good, because I am discovering I am not speedy at hand sewing.  But I’m making progress, amazing since I ripped out my middle.  My rosette, not my midsection.  I kept seeing my crappy little stitches.  Even though I’ve thoroughly embraced the mantra that finished is better than perfect.  What the heck was I thinking when I used a whip stitch the first time?


This second time I used the ladder stitch.  The funny thing is, I know that’s what I should have done the first time.  The ladder stitch is what I ALWAYS used when stitching together knitted garments.  It’s my go-to stitch when I want to make sure my stitches don’t show.  I guess I just had a brain fart, didn’t translate my knowledge back to fabric.  My bad.  I’m also thinking that whenever I am full of myself, thinking I am too clever for my shirt, I will post close-ups of some of my wonky work.



Might not be much progress on this for a few days.  I’m off to Honolulu for the weekend, hanging with some young-uns.  There will be rum and a pirate ship involved.  And perhaps some photographic evidence.

Crafting can be dangerous.  Be prepared.  Arrrgggghhhh!

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