Sewing by hand. Not kidding.

Hire an exorcist, I have been possessed.  In my defense, I accidentally ran across some pictures of what is called a millefiori quilt.  Err merr gawsh.  Go google it.

I couldn’t help myself.  I knew I had to try it.  Even though all of my instincts are on high alert.  Even though my fight-or-flight instinct was screaming, “run away!”  Because they are made BY HAND.  You know, like sewing with a proper needle and thread.  And probably a thimble.  Because needles are sharp.  (Some of the needles even have the word sharp written right on the label, in case you couldn’t remember.)

Then I found something called The New Hexagon – Millefiore Quilt-Along.  Heaven help us all.  The brainchild of Katja Marek, it uses her new book The New Hexagon.  She’s using her superpowers to suck in all of us unsuspecting fabric collectors.  She’s egging us on, drawing us in with a Facebook group and encouraging comments on our progress.  And I don’t think she sleeps, either.

Here’s my first hexagon, hexie if you’re a savvy quilty/sewy person.


Don’t you dare comment on the fact that you can see my crappy little hand stitches, petite though they are.  I took them all out and had a do-over.  Not anal much, huh?  I will put up a new pic soon, along with my next row or so.

Wish me luck on my (insane) adventure!

Now go make something pretty.

11 thoughts on “Sewing by hand. Not kidding.

  1. I caught your post on Matja’s site and marked it to come back and see your progress. I really like your center, you have a lot of colors to chose from. I’ve joined the quilt along but have been paperpiecing for years (mostly grandmothers flower garden) but this is the largest “block” I’ve ever made. If you haven’t already, come over to Matja’s facebook site for the quilt along. We all enjoy looking at each other’s progress and color inspirations.


  2. Carole this is just beautiful – looks like you’re off to a fantastic start! Your stitches are perfect! We just need to get you some matching #Aurifil 50 wt cotton and they’ll disappear into that fabric forever! Seriously – it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing – xo


    1. Right on, Karen! I got some Aurifil thread and re-stitched the center. Used a ladder stitch instead of a whip stitch. All better now! Next row almost done…stay tuned!


  3. Not sure how Katja came across this post, but it is great. Welcome to your new addiction!
    I started making hexagons about 12 years ago and haven’t stopped. These are the ‘cream of the crop’ hexies to be sure. Katja is amazing with design and colour. Enjoy making your quilt : )

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  4. Hi Carole,
    Now I’m sure that as well as not sleeping, I am a stalker. You had me howling with laughter reading your most excellent blog post! You certainly have a way with words.
    Excellent job with your rosette centre! Hope you’re staying safe with those SHARP needles.
    😉 ❤

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