Finished is better than perfect


I really like to remind myself that nobody will notice the little oopsies in my projects.  Nobody but me.  Especially if I keep my mouth shut and don’t point it out.  And then something like this happens.


The bottom of a purse I am making.  All the little feet all neatly aligned.  Except they’re NOT!  I have no idea how I did this.  You can see the little x I made to show where that lower left foot is supposed to be.  So I hid it for an hour or so, then looked at it again.  The foot was still in the wrong place.

I pondered on it.  And then I pried off all the little feet, cut out another purse bottom, and re-did it.  Now I’m happy.

I think I just disproved my own theory.

So…today’s life tip is that finished is better than perfect.  Except when it’s not.  I guess it depends on the situation.

My brain hurts.

Stay crafty, my friends.

3 thoughts on “Finished is better than perfect

    1. That one wonky foot would have driven me crazy! I’m glad I made another bottom. Did you look at the finished bag in my new post?


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