Only you can prevent crafting injuries

I haven’t injured myself today.  Yet.  A razor-sharp rotary cutter.  An iron set to linen, freshly filled with water.  That’s the one that got me yesterday.

I hate steam burns.  It’s so hard to muster up sympathy, they look red, but sometimes only if you look closely.  Stunningly no one looks at the pad of my left pinky closely.  I had to suffer silently.  I don’t like suffering silently.  Not without at least a little “poor baby” from someone.

So I guess we’re gonna start this off with a whizz-bang life tip!  Don’t put your fingers within an inch of a steaming iron.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest not putting your fingers within 3 inches of a steaming iron.  If you must get your delicate digits in the vicinity of the iron, use an oven mitt.  Then send me a picture of you ironing while wearing said oven mitt.  I’ll laugh my ass off.

Craft safely, my friends.

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