This really is just sewing porn.

At our house the studio and the office are trading places.  And all shall be right with the world.DSCN5700

Taking the time out to make those mini bolts is going to pay off.


I just love this picture, with the mix of Tula Pink’s new Elizabeth line of fabric and my Minnesota Twins logo action.  A Hawaiian print and some reproduction fabrics.  Doesn’t it just make your fabric craving heart sing?


I have lucked out and ended up with a sitting room.  I think I shall call it my parlor.

And this little bit is for all the animal lovers out there.


It’s our little friend Ricky Ricardo Montalban Rich Corinthian Leather.  Wearing his double-aught Vikings jersey.  Manly.

Now this is what you should do when your sewing machine is in the shop!

WARNING!  Fabric porn! DSCN5520 DSCN5521

If these pictures don’t just set your heart a singing, I don’t know what will!  By the way, this second photo is part of my collection of vintage batiks from Indonesia.  Aside from silly hatbands, I have spent my sewing-machine-less time well.  I am putting my fabric collection on little mini bolts. DSCN5517

I am using these magazine boards that I bought from Amazon.  Don’t you just love Amazon?  When you live on a small island, it’s the only way to get your hands on certain things. DSCN5522 DSCN5519

I’ve fired up Netflix, and I’ve been sitting here for days folding fabric around these boards.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much space this saves. DSCN5524 DSCN5523

I am preparing to move into my much larger studio quarters.  I have no idea what I will use to hold all my mini bolts, but for now they are fitting nicely in these plastic bins.  And I can see ALL of my fabric. DSCN5525 DSCN5526

I also need to figure out how to sort the fabric.  I do like this last bin and the rainbow sorting method. DSCN5527 DSCN5528

These two bins have fat quarters, half yards, and pieces under a yard.

Let’s have a show of hands, how many times have you Googled fabric storage?  How many times have you oohhh-ed and aahhh-ed over fabric collections on mini-bolts?  How many pictures of mini bolts have you pinned on your Fabric Storage Pinterest board?

Right here and now, I am throwing out a challenge to my cousin Kim and her new sewing room.  Are YOUR fabrics on mini bolts?

This project is almost making me happy that my Destiny is in the shop.  Almost.  At least I can say proudly that I got something done while my machine was at the spa.  I did not just curl up into a whining, little ball and watch a Downton Abbey marathon.  Oh no, not me.