Fibs & Fables woven into dreams

DSCN1455Sometimes it seems like a stack of fabric is burning a hole in your fabric collection.  Like you just have to use it, and use it now.


I had this bundle of Fibs & Fables fabric by Anna Maria Horner.  Dying to use it, I was in between other quilting projects.


I pulled a book off my shelf, Tula Pink’s Quilts from the House of Tula Pink.  


I picked the Dream Weaver pattern.


The solid is Essex yarn-dyed linen.  This is one of my new favorite “solids” to use in my quilts.


I love the denim-y look of the Essex.  In my world, everything goes with denim.


The quilting was done by Lea Ingram here on Kauai.  I love the vertical rope-like look in the sashing.


Tippy the panther has claimed his spot at the foot of the bed.  No close-ups of the cat hair today.




5 thoughts on “Fibs & Fables woven into dreams

    1. Hawthorne Threads ( ) is one of my favorite online fabric stores. They carry the full line of Essex linens by Robert Kaufman. Put “Essex yarn dyed” in the search box on their website and you can see all the awesome colors. They ship faster than most online retailers.
      The warp and the weft of the fabric are actually two different colors, which give this fabric an amazing texture and dimension. There is also an Essex linen, not yarn dyed, which is also lovely and woven from only one color. Both are such a nice change from plain solids! So that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about that topic!

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