Machine stitching the New Hexagon Millefiore quilt: rosette 6


Yahoo, it’s still June and number 6 is done!


I’m still using the glue basting method that I learned from Katja’s wonderful book, The New Hexagon.  I hand stitched the center star, and completed the rest of the center and all the other rounds using invisible thread and a narrow zigzag.


It’s all about feeling good about your projects, isn’t it?  This project was so far out of my comfort zone when I approached it with the notion of hand sewing.  I never could have made a dent in it!


It’s so exciting to see stitchers from all over the world embracing this project.  And all the ingenuity going into the fabric choices  – and construction methods – makes it all the more inspirational.


If you want to try the method I am using, check out my 3-part tutorial, starting here:

2 thoughts on “Machine stitching the New Hexagon Millefiore quilt: rosette 6

    1. Fair question. I did not finish it. After doing four of the rosettes, I confirmed what I knew when starting the project…I do not like this type of project. While I managed to eliminate the hand stitching part of it, I couldn’t get past all the super fussy cutting and and glueing and general futzing around this quilt required. EPP is not my cup of tea, even with the streamlined methods. I got to the point I was just trying to get the rosettes finished, and didn’t want to put the thought or care into fabric selection and placement. With the wisdom of the ages, I decided to put it aside.


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