I ❤️ Dublin, and the rest of Ireland too!

I came back from Dublin well biased.


This amazing cotton bias tape is gorgeous, and best of all, it is pre-made.  I can see lots of uses for this, most obviously for binding quilts.  How cute would that be?

DSCN0650 DSCN0651 DSCN0652

I also found the cutest elastic I have ever seen!  Don’t know where these are going yet…


A. Rubanesque is a trim shop located in the Temple Bar area in Dublin.  Temple Bar is a busy area in the center of the city, with lots of pubs (proud to say I tried many) and shopping.  The shop is full of lace, trims, elastics, and other delicious trim items.  I oohed and ahhed over so many lovely laces.  But what the hey-de-ho am I going to do with lace?  I pondered and pondered, and left the store lace-less.


We had gone into the Temple Bar area on our first night in Dublin.  We had a private pub crawl with Garvan as our guide.  It started something like this…


Here was our favorite pub from that evening (as far as we remember.)  You could fit maybe 20 people in there, as long as ten of them were standing.


We sampled many pints at many bars.  Highlights of this walking/stumbling tour include:

DSCN0647 DSCN0648 DSCN0649 DSCN0650 DSCN0651 DSCN0653 DSCN0654 DSCN0657 DSCN0658 DSCN0659 DSCN0662 DSCN0671


The last one is some mer-horses on the river Liffey.  Threw that one in just to see if you were paying attention.

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