Say my name. And a sneaky preview.

Boats get names.  Fighter planes get names.  Children, pets, body parts get names.  In some places, houses get names.

It’s a lot of responsibility naming things.  And I love it.  My dad got a fishing boat years ago, and I wanted to name it Chicken of the Sea.  When we moved to Hawaii, I was tickled because they name their houses here.  In Hawaiian.  I consider that a challenge.

We were inspired by our 20 pound baby panther.  And an ornery feral cat that adopted us (we named her Monique, after a flamboyantly sassy former friend of Miss O.)  With the help of an adorable twelve-year-old girl, a student at a Hawaiian speaking school, we came up with a name for our house:  ka hale o na popoki makani.  The house of the windy cats.  This is why I like naming things.

Now we get to bring this into the crafty world.  Fire up the Destiny, time to personalize some golf shirts for the Mr.


DSCN5086 DSCN5085

Do you think any of the fancy golfing guys will know that he his wearing a shirt with a shout out to farting cats?

While we’re on the topic of names, one of my friends unintentionally came up with a good one.  He commented on Facebook about a picture of my travel bag, “looks like repressed fantasies.”  OMG, may I present the Repressed Fantasies Travel Bag.


I know you’ve already seen it, I just wanted to put it out there with it’s new name.

I’ve started a new project, inspired by the great reactions I got to the Repressed Fantasies Travel Bag.  Here’s a little sneaky peeky.


Charley Harper and cardinals.

Stay crafty, my friends.

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